Горный В.В.

A Message from V. V. Gorny,
President of the
EURACORE Group of Companies


Establishing the EURACORE Group of Companies stems from 15 years of experience in the construction and overhaul of main pipelines including auxiliary facilities, energy, industrial and civil construction, supply of pipes and other necessary materials and resources, as well as rail transportation. Day by day, we formed one of the largest groups in the sector through our persistent work in cold Yakutia, marshy Tyumen with its many rivers, and many other regions of our vast country, in addition to the sands of Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia. We have come a long way, having experienced both the triumphs and mistakes that accompany every difficult task. We have thoroughly analyzed those mistakes, which provided us with invaluable experience that now allows us to meet our goals even more efficiently.

Please consider objectively what we have done and what we can do together with our team of professionals, which was formed over the years, state-of-the-art technologies, and in-house equipment fleet, which is one of the largest and the most advanced in the industry. We hope that, together, we can implement a number of important and challenging projects that will help our companies rise to new heights.    

We look forward to the possibility of a long-term and reliable cooperation.
Best wishes,

The President and Staff of the EURACORE Group of Companies



04 September 2015

We would like to congratulate you on Oilman`s Day!

Dear Partners, We would like to congratulate you on Oilman`s Day! 


07 August 2015

Dear Partners and Colleagues!

Dear Partners and Colleagues!

My best congratulations on our professional holiday - Builders` Day!


04 August 2015

1960s cars motor rally event in Tyumen

   The first stop of the festal convoy in Tyumen is the Square of the Quatercentenary. The participants of the rally started to demonstrate the design and technical accomplishments of their cue cars.


16 July 2015

Change in the name of self-regulatory organization

Due to a change in the name of self-regulatory organization (SRO Non-profit partnership "Interregional Partnership of organizations for special construction" has been amended into SRO Alliance "Interregional Partnership of organizations for special construction") 


08 May 2015

Congratulations on Great Victory Day!

We commemorate anniversary of the Victory in World War II !

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